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Elegy of Madness - 'Brave Dreams' Worm Hole Death / ..
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Elegy of Madness - 'Brave Dreams' Worm Hole Death / Aural Music - Official teaser

Elegy of Madness - 'Brave Dreams' Worm Hole Death / Aural Music - Official Album Teaser

Artist city, country: Taranto, Italy

Artist Biography: After the production of the project "Another Path", the Elegy of Madness go on their path by the first coproduced full length called "The Bridge of Sighs". During the spring of 2007, the Elegy undertake "another path" that could bring them back to a different world made of music and emotions, leaving behind the problematic earthly reality. It seems like a "spleen" towards the existence, a will to escape from the real world.
The detach from the daily is a very important theme also resumed in the new project "The Bridge of Sighs". This bridge really exists in Venice and still remains the subject of many legends. According to one of them, in the XVII century the bridge served to the prisoners to arrive into the dungeons. Someone said that the prisoners sighed during the passage, the last moment to look for their Venice and the outside world. The bridge also represents a suspension between different realities, in particular between Tonal (normal consciousness) and Nagual (separated world). So it indicates all the things that go beyond the everyday life.
The purpose is to reach an union point between the two dimensions. "Prelude" and "Elegy of Madness" indicate the beginning of the listen. Both of them explain, in their texts and music, the meaning of the name of the band: the elegy seen as a passionate and tormented essay is connected to madness, the only mood to make use of the instinctive part instead of the rational one.
The tracks included in the disc take again two songs already placed in the first project: Another Path and Voices.
Moreover, it's very important explain the meaning of the Suite "Agony Part 1" and "Agony Part 2- Sad Wind": they take up the actual theme of euthanasia. While in the first musical movement the argument is faced through the perspective of the patient, in the second one it's stressed the sense of powerlessness that haunt his relatives.
Since the "Suite Agony", it takes inspiration another track called "Threshold" in which you can imagine a path beyond life passing through the so known "three doors".
Among the other pieces, it's also very important remember No Names because of its meaning. Indeed, it's an allusion to the last chapter of "Uno,nessuno,centomila" wrote by the Italian Pirandello: the society imposes to men many masks to be worn from whom the protagonist wants to escape. Men are conceived as an infinite and free flux of energy. Therefore, we can say that le "fil rouge" that connects the two projects is the will to go beyond the ordinary world.
Generally speaking, we can say that the composition of Elegy of Madness band derive from the musical influences of each member, and in particular from bands such as: Nightwish, Epica, After Forever, Dream Theater, Rammstein and Stratovarius.
The main objective of the band is to communicate to its listeners, the musical passion of all its musicians: the unique source from which the EoM take their force and energy to face the right difficulties and the remarkable sacrifices that the musical word imposes.

About The Video: Finally is Online the official teaser of the new Elegy of Madness album "Brave Dreams" that will be released officially on February 2014 by Worm Hole Death Records!!

Artist Website: https://www.facebook.com/elegyofmadness
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elegyofmadness
Myspace: https://myspace.com/elegyofmadnessband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elegyofmadness
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/elegyofma...
LastFM: http://www.lastfm.it/music/Elegy+of+M...

Label Name: Worm Hole Death / Aural music
Label Website: http://www.wormholedeath.com/home/


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Форум Darksage Metal and Rock » ДЛЯ ДРУЗЕЙ » METAL DIARY (New & Old) » Elegy of Madness - 'Brave Dreams' Worm Hole Death / ..
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