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Описание материала:

ORPHANED LAND - Let The Truce Be Known (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "All Is One". Century Media Records 2014.

Lyrics: As two kidsWho always spentTheir time and playedWith toy guns in their handsThere you stoodIn front of meThey taught me thatYou're my enemyAnd when our eyes have met, we both set sails to deathWith guns of grown up men, I fear it might be my last breathEye to eye, our aim is blinded by the sunSeeking higher ground, to a safe haven I now runThe night had fellOn no man's landThis flute was heardFrom out there in the darkI knew the wordsAnd joined in songThis nightly truceA miracle of hopeWe raise our hands and walk upright to move towards each otherNo guns, no death between the enemies now turned to brothersTogether on this barren earth, I tell him of my sonNo pawns or deadly toys – the morning comes and we are doneWe head to base and end the truce that lasted through this war of liarsA vision of a better life, where music drowns the toy gun's fireNext night I see a shadow and we both shoot in the name of GodAs we fell down our eyes have met – Our friendship ends nowIn this turmoil of blood

Длительность материала: 00:04:57
Автор: Century Media Records
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