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Overkill - In Union We Stand

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Описание материала:

IN UNION WE STAND!!! enjoyLineup:Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - VocalsCarlos "D.D." Verni - Bass Bobby Gustafson - GuitarRat Skates - DrumsLyrics:From the islands to the cities, from the ports into the seaWe are strong, we will always be...Blazing through the wreckage, burning all we seeThe life we lead committed to be free...Our union is a fortress, together we are boundA common bound in freedom and in sound!So raise your voices high for miles around to hearLet them know we are drawing near...~In union we stand~ as they blaze across the land~In union~ we make a final stand...A peaceful co-existence is dropping out of sightSo band together, together we will fightBlasting the resistance, marching to the topThey started this, we say when it stopsStrike fear within their hearts, strike down those in your wayLet them know that we live today!They throw us into flames, did not hear our criesBut now from the ashes we arise...~In union we stand~ as they blaze across the land~In union~ we make a final stand...

Длительность материала: 00:04:25
Автор: Kav2990
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