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Heavy Glow - Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine (2014) (Full Album)

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Описание материала:

Pears & Swine and Everything Fine is the full-length debut from Cali Psychedelic Rock act Heavy Glow. Led by Jared Mullins (Guitars/Vocals), the band is rounded out by Joe Brooks (Bass), and Ryan Muller (drums). Fans of the classic 'power trio' sound made famous by acts such as Cream, Blue Cheer, Grand Funk Railroad, and the Jimi Hendix Experience will no doubt find much to enjoy here on Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine, and when you toss in some pop, blues, and Motown elements, it makes for an even more enjoyable ride. Tracks like "Love Ghost", "Fat Cat" and "Mine All Mine" bob and weave with plenty of funky hard rock swagger yet contain no shortage of hooks, while the heavy rock of "45 Shakedown" and "Domino (Black Flowers)" allow for Mullins to get into some serious 6 string pyrotechnics. Speaking of Mullins, he's got a great voice, soothing on the Hendrix inspired warm & chunky slow blues of "Hello September (Goodbye April)", and delivering a somewhat charming drawl on the crisp hard rockers "Nerve Endings" and "Headhunter", each one containing some fat grooves and tasty guitar licks.

They deliver their rock with a fresh and modern vibe. Heavy Glow constructs “Pearls & Swine” on a foundation of fuzz-fueled hard rock, appointed with psychedelically-tinted blues and beautifully textured washes of Motown/Memphis soul. Simultaneously, a punkish verve cattle prods the retro rock vibe squarely into right now. “Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine” features Joe’s exquisite bass runs while Jared plugs his guitar into rock’s heavy history with nods to Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, and Tony Iommi. At the same time, melodic pop subtlety underpins the album’s heaviest chord stomp moments; witness the swinging soul delicacy of “Fat Cat.”

Pearls & Swine and Everything Fine is overtly seventiesesque, so much so that novices to the power trio aesthetic might be tricked into thinking this is more hommage than honest, but what these cats do is righteous and right. From opening track “45 Shakedown,” a bluesy slice of Free-meets-Grand Funk and the anthemic hard rock soul of “Mine All Mine” to the kinetic psychedelic boogie of “Domino (Black Flowers)” and the hi-nrg Brit-blues double-punch to the solar plexus that are closing tracks “Nerve Endings” and “Headhunter,” the album evidences a keen understanding of what made the aforementioned decade such a vital one. Unlike so many young contemporary artists who inexplicably ape tepid Laurel Canyonisms and have-a-nice-day pop schmucks, Heavy Glow mines the rock strata of the ‘70s for inspiration. They strike gold, too.

It’s all welded together by Jared’s totally now perspective, his innate ability to focus his love of rock/soul/psychedelia through a contemporary lens to create Heavy Glow’s modern classicism. Heavy and melodic, raucous & guitar-driven: That’s Heavy Glow! These guys found the right ingredients for an awesome and catchy album: raw and bluesy riffs, groovy rhythms, vibrant vocals. Highly energetic rock! With plenty of potential at their disposal Heavy Glow are off to a very good start. Their blast from the past of a debut boasts a lot of nostalgia laced bliss.

1. 45 Shakedown - 0:00
2. Look What You're Doing To Me - 4:00
3. Mine All Mine - 6:14
4. Fat Cat - 10:13
5. Love Ghost - 13:53
6. Domino (Black Flowers) - 19:48
7. Hello September (Goodbye April) - 23:22
8. Got My Eye On You - 28:04
9. Nerve Endings - 31:09
10. Headhunter - 33:50

Support Heavy Glow by purchasing the album here https://heavyglowband.bandcamp.com/album/pearls-swine-and-everything-fine



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