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Lee Van Cleef - Holy Smoke (2016) (New Full Album)

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Описание материала:

The project Lee Van Cleef was born as a joke at the end of 2015 and is the result of long jam sessions between guitarist Marco Adamo, drummer Guido Minervini, and bassist Pietro La Tegola. From the city of Naples, this power-trio has just released their first album named 'Holy Smoke'. Influenced by bands like Earthless, Black Bombaim, and Harsh Toke (to name a few), "Holy Smoke" was recorded mixed and mastered in the Godfather studio of Naples. The artwork was done by Robin Gnista. Rooted in an engaging, enthusiastic and mesmerizing Heavy Psych, Lee Van Cleef dilates older, warm and radiant deserts of the planet Earth to the most remote, icy and foggy places of the Cosmos, the entrancing sound of 'Holy Smoke' has a deeply soothing effect.

40 minutes of pure and sacred fascination that dilates the consciential borders and gives off lucidity to the marrow of narcosis. A sacred evasion soul flying golden, soft and rolling dunes of a desert massaged by the solar breath, and stretching our perception of the space highways. Branching all vigilant stars, immortalized in a deep and dizzying stellar sky. Feel touched by ungoverned euphoria. Tremendously splendid riffs vomit truly magnetizing and stunning solos able to imprison us in a kaleidoscopic spiral of pleasure. Holy Smoke' is a truly exciting album to which I dedicate eternal devotion. Dare to face the incisive and paralyzing gaze of Lee Van Cleef in a dusty duel whose outcome is doomed: your body tumbled into inertia and Lee Van Cleef gun firmly wielded and still smolder. One of the most unique albums of 2016 is here, in the desert soul 'Holy Smoke'.

I'm here to tell all who love psychedelic rock along the lines of Earthless, Harsh Toke and Heavy Blanket that Lee Van Cleef's outstanding album, Holy Smoke, is no joke. This band is up there with the big boys. This music is fucking amazing.

1. Heckle Yuppies - 0:00
2. Banshee - 7:22
3. Hell Malo - 20:38
4. Mahāna - 25:50
5. Towelie - 34:17

Support Lee Van Cleef by purchasing the album here https://leevancleefjams.bandcamp.com/album/holy-smoke



Длительность материала: 00:41:26
Автор: Stoned Meadow Of Doom
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