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WhiteNails - First Trip (2016) (New Full EP)

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Описание материала:

Through a mutual love of Black Sabbath the boys of WhiteNails met one fateful evening. After a few beers and shots of whiskey they decided they needed to throw on the guitars and see what kind of noise would come forth. Hence the birth of WhiteNails. Five dudes with an appetite for loud, heavy rock and roll. For fans of Sabbath-era heavy metal, Quebec City’s WhiteNails are vintage rock ‘n’ rollers through and through. The guitars are fuzzy and syrupy thick while bass and drums groove far out and into the sonic void. Additional ear candy is provided on the bridge by Gab Shonk’s vocals who carries the track to its freak out climax.

Solid riff-driven 70's rock, psych, stoner, doom. White Nails take you on a groove induced ride chocked full of hard rawk riffs, stoner glazed vocals, and bass heavy licks. Don't let First Trip be your last. This will have you tapping your toes daydreaming of nail polish. Excellent!! Riffs a plenty and a whiff of old Soundgarden. Could be an in car classic!

1. Damn Judas - 0:00
2. Dead In Time - 3:32
3. In My Blood - 8:42
4. Silver Linings - 12:19
5. Brazen Bull - 16:50

Support WhiteNails by purchasing the EP here https://whitenails.bandcamp.com/album/first-trip


Длительность материала: 00:22:01
Автор: Stoned Meadow Of Doom
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