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IMPLORE - Patterns To Follow (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Order the album! http://smarturl.it/IMPLORE-Subjugate
Taken from the album "Subjugate" Out Sept 22nd 2017.

Written and directed by James Quinn
Music by Implore
Produced by Sodom & Chimera – www.sodomchimera.com


Repeat after me
You will be shaped
Like we want you to be
We will take now
Your tender mind
While you are innocent
And easy to adapt
To create a legion
Of servants
And designate a task

We carve your brain
To accept and obey
We decide your values
And imposed texts
Standards of introduction
To your days in life
Don’t revolt
Don’t question
Don’t ask

Once again
From A to Z
Crucify yourself
To times of grief
Now assimilate and understand
Whats about to start
These are the last of days
For the rest of your life.
Don’t revolt
Don’t question
Don’t ask

Designate a task
Repetitive and stupified
Exercises you won't retain
And you will never apply.

Длительность материала: 00:04:04
Автор: Century Media Records
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